Drum Feng – Soar! (Official Music Video)

Through a journey of awakening senses & passion through performance, Drum Feng marches bravely into the storm, towards their destiny.

Artist: Drum Feng
Production: MLC TV

Director: Glenn Ng
Producer: Clyde Cheng

Director of Photography: Alvin Choon
Camera Operators: Alvin Choon, Glenn Ng
Gaffer: Chia Rong Liang
Grips: Hadi Liang, Hafiz Norazmi

Fashion Director: Desmond Lim
Fashion Assistant : Joey Hysteric

Hair & Makeup: Christian Maranion
Hair & Makeup Assistant: Naomi Shae

Composer : Glen Ng
Recording & mixing engineer: Gao Yang (Pavane Recording Studio)

Editor: Xiang Ying
Animation: Jing Yee