Dharni // My Name Is Dharni (Official Music Video)

Beatboxing Sensation and YouTuber, Dharni is a Singaporean hero for the arts scene, paving his own path for beatboxing and achieving huge global success. I also consider him a good friend, having grown up with him from my school years and witnessed his humble beginnings. It was a great honour to partake in our commonly shared offbeat ideas and humour and to have crafted the music video for his first official track (available on Spotify). Every single sound in his track came FROM HIS MOUTH and even after listening to the track thousands of times, I’m still floored by the fact and I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with in the future.

Artist: Dharni
Written & Recorded by: Dharni
Track Mix: Dharni & Syzmon “Spox” Kurek
Track Master: Syzmon “Spox” Kurek
Director/Editor/Colourist/Masked Man: Glenn Ng
Director Of Photography: Alvin Choon
Special Thanks: MLC TV