The Great Migration

Point A. Point B. A地点。B地点。
To seek change is in our DNA. 変化を求める事はDNAに刻まれている。
But what if that seeking becomes a repetition? されど、求める事自体がマンネリになったら?
Are we then caged? Do we adapt?  我々は、閉じ込められるのか?適応するのか?
Or are we sleeping through the journey? もしくは旅の間中、夢を見ているのか?
Have we forgotten the change we were seeking? 追い続けた変化を忘れていないか?
The change in our state of mind. 心の状態の変化。
The change from question to answer. 質問から答えまでの変化。
The journey we’re on, have we lost control? 我々の旅は、制御不能となったのか?
Have we lost the consciousness to steer? 舵を取る意識まで無くしたのか?
Stop. Wake Up. Get Up. とまれ。目を覚ませ。起き上がれ。
This is our stop. Or is it? ここが区切りだ。いや、どうだろう?

Filmed while commuting during a work trip.

Writer, Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Colourist: Glenn Ng
Translation & Voiceover:  Yurihoyoyon
Music: Contact by Bryant Lowry (Via Soundstripe)